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Virginia Buffington

I got an incredible workout while having a lot of fun!


She is a one of a kind trainer that I was fortunate to meet one day at a vitamin store. Never have I met anyone so energetic, motivating and inspirational. Since that first day she had me excited about getting back in shape. Her love and sincerity keeps me working hard and coming back for more every day. Her camps are truly unbelievable. Even though we are doing challenging exercises that have us completely exhausted we are all still having so much fun. Her personal sessions are even more challenging but she is continuously motivating you. Her exercises are always different too and I love that because I am never bored! I wake up in the mornings early so excited about going to work-out. Not only do I get to see a smiling, happy, energetic trainer/coach but I know that I will be challenged to become a better me. Yes, Swann has the passion, personality and drive for helping people stay motivated to stick with their exercise routine but she also has the incredible knowledge to build a better stronger body! Her expertise in this field is way beyond any normal trainer you will find at a gym. She has helped me go from a normal looking mom (who's had 3 kids), and let's face it feeling my age, to a woman who most don't believe has had any children, looks buff and feels 10 years younger. I am wearing a bikini again and getting ready to compete in a fitness competition. Swann has guided me every step of the way. I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am now without her. I know I am very lucky and blessed to have her as my coach/trainer. She isn't just a trainer to all of us she is also a friend. She devotes so much of her personal time and emotions in helping all of us achieve a healthier life. You can see her sincerity and love for what she does when any one of us reaches a goal or milestone. Her overwhelming happiness and tears are those of a very proud mom. I just love her!!! She is a truly remarkable woman!



Banke Adetola

I heard about Swann from a co-worker of mine. She couldn't stop talking about how amazing her bootcamp was and how the instructor pushed her. The craziest part was when she said the class was fun and how they were constantly laughing. I had been to a few boot camps but fun wasn't the most accurate word to describe them. I finally accepted my friend's request to attend her 5 a.m. bootcamp (crazy I know), but it was simply because I was trying to be polite. My plan was to attend one class and never show up again.


Swann on the other hand had a different plan. I instantly fell in love with her class environment, the people, and of course her work out plan. She knew when to push me and when to give me a break and yet still have a sense of humor doing it. 4 months of training with her and listening to her tips on eating clean, I have dropped 24 pounds, I have gone from wearing a large to a small and most importantly, she has instilled the importance of me working out everyday. Her approach to working out is unique and her best quality as a trainer is that she wants to see you succeed. I love you Swann!




Trina Watts

Swann is a great motivator, she makes your workout sessions fun and she will keep you laughing when you want to cry or give up. Her favorite phrases are "It's almost over, push yourselves and last but not least, "No Change Without Challenge"! She loves seeing her clients happy when they see the results of their hard work and she is also moved to see their joy!



Vonetta Joseph

I am sure you get this often. I just wanted to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for pushing me every morning at bootcamp. I appreciate your positive attitude, there are some mornings it was hard for me physically but when I walk in and your music is going and you greet people with a cheerful attitude I am more willing to come in and put in the work and I appreciate the fact that there is a no judgment zone. Since starting your bootcamp I have lost 6lbs, which is the most I have lost in the past 3 months. A year ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 and deal with uncontrolled high blood pressure and just 5 weeks ago I was diagnosed with abnormal thyroid and was told I need to get myself together by my Doctor. I appreciate you pushing me out of my comfort zone. Without the strong encouragement and grace (lol), I would not have achieved these results. I look forward to continuing the bootcamp and I am excited for the second session to see what my weight loss transformation will be. Have an awesome day and I will see Saturday!


Well worth the 20 minute drive in the mornings!!



Seyi Babaniji

I have made constant progress since I started working out with Swann in September 2014. She keeps me motivated by switching up the routines and encouraging me to push myself. With Swann the sessions are never a dull event because she keeps you engaged and laughing. I've beaten my PR in bench press, shoulder press and squats while working out with her. I look forward to more sessions with her.



Misty-Lynn Nicholson

There are not enough good things I can say about Swann Graydon; as a trainer, coach, mentor, motivator and overall inspiration. Swann has the knowledge and experience to help clients reach their physical goals as well as the ability to motivate these persons to continue to reach for even higher heights. As a trainer, Swann not only helped me reach my fitness goals but ignited and inspired me to believe in myself and continue on to compete. As a person who has been involved in the fitness industry for many years I can without a doubt say Swann is by far an exceptional trainer who truly cares about the lives of the individuals she works with. I believe attitude reflects leadership and I have never known any Swann Graydon coachee to not be motivated, driven and have a new found enthusiasm to reach for their stars.



Carlos Young

Once I started working in Swann’s group sessions, the first thing that I realized was that I had no stamina and I would quickly have a hard time catching my breath. These things were preventing me from getting stronger and the lack of variety in my workouts wasn’t challenging my different muscle groups.


One of the great things about Swann is her knowledge and innovation with the routines that she creates for us. Most of the moves that she give us I could not have come up with in a 100 years lol and all the different moves are extremely challenging. Even though the moves are challenging she always gives us lesser options so that we can grow ourselves into the more difficult options. Another great thing about Swann is her personality. She is always fun, encouraging and energetic. I personally like to complain when I’m working out. It makes me feel better about the pain and suffering that I experience at the time. However no matter how much I whine or complain she just looks at me, smiles and then says, “Okay, when you’re done complaining can you give me my reps please sir”.


Since I started attending Swann’s group sessions I have been hooked and I have also gotten other friends to come to the sessions and they now love them as well. I have seen and felt changes in my body and stamina. I have also seen changes in others that have consistently worked with Swann. I started doing private sessions with Swann as well and that was a huge step for me. I realized that I wanted to personally push myself to see how far I can go with changing my body type. After the first three weeks, I already felt stronger and healthier. I could see my chest lifting and my arms reshaping. I honestly can’t see myself stopping now because I have no doubt with Swann’s help and guidance …………….BEACH BODY HERE I COME!!!!!!